Southern Style Recipe: Mac and Cheese

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OK so, i am going to be baking my Macaroni and cheese at a 375-degree temperature so i do have my oven uh Being preheated in the interim so permit’s.

Get started with the cooking………

I constantly want to have all of my Ingredients prepped that is genuinely Critical due to the fact the dish without a doubt pulls together very Quickly um so I’m beginning with a massive Pot of water I use a 5-quart Dutch Oven three-zone full of water and I take advantage of about a tablespoon of salt.

I also do need to cook the pasta to come out at the same time whilst the sauce is prepared to get my water started is certainly paintings on my veggies once the greens are cooked I am going to then

Cook the sauce to get started out i have Heated Uh one and a half tablespoon of extra Virgin olive oil Jalapeno peppers this is  jalapeno

Peppers finely diced and that I eliminated the seed and then I’m adding one medium shallot that has been finely diced Of direction you want to peel it and then I always like to season that is a freshly grown black pepper and sea salt blend you positioned a pinch.



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