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My Daily Moments Recipes of Ice Cream and Cakes: Fast and Easy Recipes

my daily moments recipes : fast and easy recipes, RECIPES WELLNESS
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My Daily Moments Recipes of Ice Cream and Cakes: (fast and easy recipes)

my daily moments recipes : fast and easy recipes, RECIPES WELLNESS
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Today I am sharing my daily moments recipes of Ice Cream and Cakes with you which is very fast and easy recipes. It’s really nice to be able to serve homemade food to surprise a loved one on a birthday or a special day.

Many people want to surprise their loved ones with hand-made food to surprise their loved ones on a special day. But if that food is like ice cream or cake, then many people think that it is difficult or he/she can not make it. Then what they do, they order food from the restaurant and present it to their loved ones. In that case, your wish is not fulfilled. Or it can be seen that the mind of your loved one is not satisfied.

That’s why today I will share with you how I can easily make cakes or ice cream, which you can also make at home and believe me it really my daily moments recipes.

Recipe of Ice Cream with Kitchen Krafts High Ratio Shortening: (fast and easy recipes)

From the scorching summer or the bitter cold, the temptation to eat ice cream is hard to handle at any time. It is said to drink more and more cold water to cool the body from the scorching heat.

In addition to water, ice cream helps to soothe the heat, which is very popular with everyone from child to old. Many ice cream lovers are frustrated that it cannot be prepared at home.

If ice cream can be made and eaten at home, then it is healthier. Let’s find out how to make some delicious and healthy ice cream.

How to make Mango Ice Cream:


  • Mango two cups
  • Sugar one cup
  • Thick yogurt half a cup
  • Thick cream half a cup

Recipe: Take half of the remaining materials, including a little amount of mango, In a large pot. Now mix all the materials well.  When it is radiated, take another pot and take the rest of the materials and mango in it. Then mix it well with a hand mixer.

Now keep engulfing the beater from the two pots in the Kraft. In this way, keep engulfing until the beater of the two pots is finished.

When the mixture is engulfed in the Kraft, keep it in the freeze. Remove it from the fridge after 4-6 hours. Now your mango ice cream is ready.

How to make Strawberry ice cream:


•            3 cups condensed milk (2 cups powdered milk + 2.5 cups water)

•            2 egg glairs

•            Half a tablespoon of strawberry essence (first 1/4 tablespoon and then 1/4 tablespoon)

•            1 tablespoon of ice powder

•            1/2 cup of Danish cream

•            Half a cup of sugar

•            1 tablespoon of gelatine powder

•            1/4 teaspoon of liquid glucose

•            Red eating color a little

Recipe: Boil the milk with sugar and red color. Mix 1 tablespoon of ice powder in cold milk, shake it with hot milk and mix strawberry essence and glucose gum.

In another pot, mix gelatine with a few hot waters and keep it in the oven. Beat this mixture little by little with milk. After 2/3 hours in the fridge, you have to beat again for another 10-15 minutes.

In this way, you have to mix twice or more. The color should be mixed in the 2nd time and cream in the 3rd time. Then keep the whole mixture in the Kraft. Now freeze it and serve your homemade strawberry ice cream.

How to make Chocolate Ice Cream: (my daily moments recipes)


•            Two cups powdered milk

•            Two teaspoons of sugar

•            Two small bars of chocolate

•            Two egg glairs

•           One tin of cream

•            Two and a half cups of water

•            Ovaltine Three tablespoons

•            One teaspoon of liquid glucose

•            Condensed milk half a tin

•            Mix Two to Three tablespoons of gelatin

•            One table-spoon of CMC powder

•            One table-spoon of cornflower

Recipe: Powdered milk, condensed milk, water, Ovaltine, sugar, and cornflower should be blended together. Tip the beater into the pan and mix in the chocolate. When it becomes wide, you have to take down it and mix liquid glucose. After cooling down slightly, then mixed the CMC and gelatin powder. After cooling, beat the cream and mix.

The beater should be kept in the deep freezer for 2 hours. Mix out four to five times each two hours. Beat 2 egg glairs and 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar together. Then keep the whole mixture in the Kraft and store in a deep freeze for 5 to 6 hours. Then serve.

How to make Vanilla Ice Cream:


•            Whip cream / heavy liquid milk – 1 cup

•            Condensed milk – 4 tablespoons

•            Vanilla Essence – 1 tablespoon

Recipe: It will take a hard bowl which should be refrigerated for 1 hour before using. Then beaten the liquid milk with a hand beater machine. Now it will be like foam or cream. Then you have to mix it very lightly with a spoon to give condensed milk. Now take the whole mixer in a Kraft and keep it in the deep freezer when it becomes hard to beat again with vanilla essence. After two hours, shake it out and put it in the fridge for another four hours to make a delicious vanilla ice cream. Now decorate and serve vanilla ice cream as per your choice.

Extra tips:

•            Do not give sugar directly.

•            Vanilla ice cream will not harden and freeze, if you put it in a Kraft and take it out after an hour.

Recipe of Cake with Kitchen Krafts High Ratio Shortening

It’s really difficult to find people who don’t like cakes. Cakes are a vital part of birthday or marriage anniversary or Christmas festivities. We also use cakes to celebrate many special days with loved ones. But almost everyone buys cakes and brings them from the market for this lovely event.

Well, if the cake can be made at home, then tell me how it will be? I think it will be so good. Today I  tell you how I make cakes at home.

 How to make Black Forest Cake: ( I love making this and it is my number one on the list for my daily moments recipes)


•            One cup of flour

•            Three eggs

•            Two tablespoons vanilla essence

•            One tablespoon of baking powder

•            Five to six tablespoons of powdered sugar

•            One or two teaspoons of cocoa powder

•            Two or three teaspoons of cherry syrup

•            Quantitative chocolate syrup

•            Two cups whipped cream

•            Sprinkle white cake

•            Chocolate powder as needed

•            Butter like fifty grams

•            Quantitative cherries

Recipe: First mix the eggs, butter, and sugar powder in a pot with the assist of a blender. Now pour flour, baking soda, and cocoa powder together and mix well with the help of a spoon. Until the mixture becomes creamy.

If you need a microwave oven, pre-heat it. Now put it in a Kraft and bake it in the microwave for thirty to forty minutes. When the cake is prepared, take it out and cool it.

Cook the whipped cream well. Cut the cake in half and cut it in half. Serve with cherry syrup in both parts. Once the cake cherry syrup is wet, after 1-2 minutes, apply the boiled cream in the middle and around a part of the cake. Place another bit of the cake on top of the buttery part of the cake. Then cover the top of the cake with butter and put cherries around it and decorate it delightfully. In the end, apply chocolate powder to the cake and cream separately. Sprinkle white cake on top with chocolate syrup on top of cake. Now the Black Forest Cake is decorated beautifully.

My Daily Moments Recipes

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How to make Chocolate Cake:


•            Two cups of flour

•            Three eggs

•            Three cups of butter

•            Two cups of sugar

•            Three tablespoons baking powder

•            One tablespoon baking soda

•            Three cups of cocoa powder

•            Two tablespoons vanilla essence

•            One and a half cup of milk

Recipe: First boil the egg and mix sugar in it. Then mix the vanilla essence and make butter and keep it in another container. Now spread the flour enough and beat the flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, baking soda in a pot well. Then mix a small amount of butter in this mixture repeatedly.

Now melt half the butter and mix it in the mixture. Now mix milk in flour. Then put it in a Kraft and bake it in the microwave for thirty to forty minutes. When the cake is ready, take it out and cool it. 

Tips: Whip creams that are available in the market do not mix all the milk at once as per the instructions of the packet, mix little by little.

If you want to make a fruit cake, before baking, spread the fruits of your choice such as cherries, nuts, raisins, and jam on the cake mixture. Now the Chocolate cake is ready.

Summary: Here I shared my daily moment recipes and how can you make it by using kitchen kraft high ratio shortening. Hope you get at least a little bit of benefit.

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