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Easy Chicken Dinner: Different 4 Types Of Easy Dinner Recipes.

Easy Chicken Dinner, RECIPES WELLNESS
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Easy Chicken Dinner, RECIPES WELLNESS
Easy Chicken Dinner

Lots of easy chicken dinners or chicken dinner ideas,
Lots of really easy warm comforting meals. Honestly, I’m looking for easy things lately because I need stuff that’s easy and yummy and i hope that you guys will enjoy all these recipes because they fit all those categories and they’re nice and budget-friendly because that’s something that is also really important to me,

So let’s just hop into the Easy Chicken Dinner
 The first one we are starting with is just:-

Shredded Chicken Tacos:-(easy chicken dinners)

Easy Chicken Dinner, RECIPES WELLNESS
easy chicken dinner

I found this recipe on Pinterest and I’m just throwing two chicken breasts in the instant pot, and I’m using it as a slow cooker, I honestly need a slow cooker again just because i feel like this particular cooker doesn’t work well for a slow cooker but for today I am managing it.
I’m covering that with some taco seasoning, this is from McCormick and then we’re just going to douse that with more garlic powder because I literally use garlic powder in every single recipe simply because garlic is amazing. 

Then we’re going to cover that with some chicken broth pop, put it on let it do its thing.
Honestly, this cooked really fast because there were only two chicken breasts in there but if you had a bunch of them, it would probably take a lot longer.
 This kind of cooking is a little bit faster than expected but once they were nice and fork-tender, I took them out, just pulled them apart. um just really roughly and then we’re going to shred them up.

This is the best kitchen hack ever you use a hand mixer or you can use a stand mixer if you have one but I’m just using my kitchen aid hand mixer.
Shredding it up and you’re going to get perfectly shredded chicken tacos.
These were incredible, they were super moist super delicious.

 Honestly the best way to do this shredded chicken is that the recipe had different ways, you could put some mango salsa and this one’s as great value it’s delicious on top of it Or i also saw another recipe that recommended Monterey jack queso from on the border on top of it.

But honestly, the tacos were so flavorful, they did not eat it so and I didn’t actually use as well, I used the salsa apart, just as a topper and then some shredded cheese and we had it with some refried beans and I’ve been obsessed with tahini too so I put it on just about every fruit i can find, so this is tahini and mango and that was our dinner it was super delicious I highly recommend.
Honestly, you can make that shredded chicken anyway, it doesn’t have to be taco flavored, you can do it with rotisserie, try it like a rotisserie chicken recipe.
Honestly, the options are endless. Enjoy your Easy Chicken Dinner.

 Next we’re going to go ahead and make a Broccoli Cheese Soup, very Easy Chicken Dinner

Broccoli Cheese Soup

Easy Chicken Dinner, RECIPES WELLNESS
Broccoli Cheese Soup (Easy Chicken Dinner)

I’m using all fresh vegetables We have some :-shredded carrot, onion and broccoli
 I should have chopped the broccoli up a bit finer i would recommend doing that but honestly it worked out anyway.Then we have a bunch of cheese because we’re making a copy cat panera broccoli cheese soup recipe.

I’m going to pop it in my large pot here , we’re going to start with some butter, melt the butter up:-

 Then you’re going to go ahead and add your vegetables. My biggest tip right now or with this is definitely cooking your vegetables down way more than you think you will. I was too scared to cook them down even more and i should have because they were still pretty and they like just need to be really mushy.

 In my opinion i feel like that’s what makes it taste really good and they just weren’t so, definitely cook them down more .Then I’m going to go ahead and add my chicken broth, my heavy cream and then I’m going to season it up, honestly this is to your own preference.

 I use salt and pepper but you can go back and forth and continue adding to until you get to the seasoning you like. Next ,You’re going to slowly add flour another thing, is definitely cook this down enough and slowly add to it otherwise it’s going to be kind of grainy.

 So you really want to make sure that flour is fully cooked into it and to thicken it up,Next, after all of that’s nice and thickened and cooked, we’re going to add our shredded cheese and let that melt and then stir it in and basically you are done and then you have your copycat panera breadum soup broccoli cheese soup .

I will add all of the recipes that I used in the link down below if you are interested.
If you look at it, it will come together once the cheese was finely melted and we had it with these little Bavarian pretzel rolls. These are so good, they’re from Walmart and they are amazing, they highly recommend.

Alright, so for tonight easy dinner recipes
I’m making like honey mustard baked chicken, I got this idea off of um the creek don’t rise she is so sweet and she has such good recipes.

Anyway basically I just took three different chicken breasts,I took some garlic powder, paprika, and salt and pepper and just seasoned them, and then I’m going to dredge them in some of the sweet babies raised honey mustard. 

You can use whatever honey mustard you want or if you want to make your own or use barbecue what have you but I’m just using this for kind of the glue and then i have a mixture of panko nand some flour and also some more garlic powder and some salt and pepper just to kind of season that up a little bit.

And I’m going to dredge these and then we’re going to pop them in the oven and bake them like i already mentioned we are just popping that honey mustard all over the chicken, no rhyme or reason we’re just going to spread it around with a spatula flip it over and do the other side and then dredge it in the flour mixture.

 I definitely would do more panko next time lighter on the flour mixture but these were still super flavorful really yummy i really really liked them for whatever reason.

When it comes out of the oven and our plate is ready, so you’re going to have to just imagine what they look like but they were really good, definitely make sure you go heavier on the panko and less on the flower but still really really yummy we loved them.
All right, so i just threw on some baby carrots that i needed to use up on a cookie sheet.

 I tossed them in some olive oil, some of this kinder’s seasoning the blend this with salt pepper and garlic I really like the seasoning it’s really good, it’s coarse which is what i like and so you really get the full flavor .

I just got this at walmart and i really like it and then i just put some brown sugar on top to kind of do a sweet and savory, kind of roasted carrotI’m going to pop those in the oven as well with the chicken together at 400 degrees and we’re just going to check them in about 20minutes 30minutes and see how they are doing.

Friends, so to go along the side with our carrots and our chicken, I’m doing some nor pasta sides you guys know i love this, the chicken flavor, I actually go to grocery to pick up this, they didn’t realize but they gave me two different ones so we have chicken flavor broccoli and then chicken flavor.

  it’s going to be totally fine I just mix them both together so that it’s cooking on the side, it’s super easy super cheap my stovetop is disgusting.

Next Recipe I Got Here Is The queso chili


Easy Chicken Dinner, RECIPES WELLNESS

I however make it quite a bit different than the recipes that I’ve seen, I omitted couple of steps and added some things and this is an incredible recipe if you make one thing from this article, you need to make this basically. 

You just need to saute up a pound of ground beef to start, as well as some white onion
In just a second, I want to get back on track, so once all of the ground beef and the onion is all sauteed and cooked down we’re going to drain the beef and we are going to start adding our kind of drier ingredients
First, though I am basically flavoring up that meat onion mixture with Worcestershire sauce this isn’t in the recipe but I highly recommend it , it adds so much flavor, it is so good and I’m kind of saute that up a little bit so the flavors really combined. 

Then We’re going to go ahead and add our diced tomatoes, we are going to add our two cans of pinto beans and then I am using the McCormick slow cooker seasoning mix but you can use whatever seasonings you want and how you like to make your chili. 

This is how I normally make mine and so I really like to add that together, I make those flavors really combined heat them thoroughly.

Then I’m going to go ahead and add the tomatoes, the tomato condensed soup, this really takes it up a notch, and then we’re going to add in two cans of beef broth, combine that all together again and really flavorful, and then we’re going to bring it to a boil and add our pasta, this is a one pot meal so it’s really easy and easy cleanup.

We’re going to take about two cups of rotini noodles and let them boil and cook in that chili and it is just so easy, so good you guys will not be disappointed.

We’re going to let it continue to boil those noodles and make sure they’re cooked thoroughly and then we’re going to add the rest of the ingredients.

 I will go ahead and add more seasonings, more flavors throughout the whole entire cooking process, that’s just normally how I make my chili, but you follow the recipe, don’t you figure out what you like best for yourself and for your family.

Zadaran’s honey cornbread: (Easy Chicken Dinner)

Next, I’m going to make the zadaran’s honey cornbread, I think is what it’s called, this is incredible I highly recommend, this cornbread recipe i like sweet cornbread and i think it’s so good with this chili so I’m just going to get all those combined and then pop that in the oven and by the time that is in the oven it is time to go back and work on our chili. 

As I said, I continued to add i had more Worchester sauce i had a squirt of ketchup i had a little bit of sugar, we’re going to add the whipping cream so basically i left off the step of doing the queso chili part or queso part. 

I just didn’t want to do it, i wanted to try it my way and i like this way so much i think adding the chili would just make it so much thicker, so i added some whipping cream in it to add some creaminess to it .

 Then i still added butter i didn’t want to miss that step because i thought that would add some even more flavor.
 Then we’re going to go ahead and chop that when I got the flavor the way i like it, i top it with the cheese.

A little bit of the cheese to melt in it.

The cornbread’s hot and ready out of the oven and then all i did was add a little bit more cheese on top, some sour cream, we added tabasco sauce later to it.
Guys this is incredible, I highly recommend it as I said, the recipe I got it from is very different from the one i ended up making but it is so good.

chicken fajitas: (Easy Chicken Dinner)

Easy Chicken Dinner, RECIPES WELLNESS
chicken fajitas

 So i’m going to make some chicken fajitas for dinner tonight .

I’m using the following recipe that I got from home sweet Stephanie.
I’m just going to chop up two bell peppers I think she uses sweet mini peppers but i have bell peppers on here. So I’m using an orange and red bell pepper and I’m using a purple onion and I’m going to chop it all up.

We’re going to season it and we’re going to season some chicken and then pop it in the oven at 400⁰c.
 Let me set that at 400⁰c for about 25 minutes, So let’s get started:-

All right, so i have all of my onions and peppers chopped right here, these are the seasonings that I’m going to use for both the chicken and the peppers. 

I’m using a little bit of ranch, a little bit of fajita garlic powder and i may use a little bit of this kinder’s regular seasoning.  Blend this is just salt pepper and garlic and then some olive oil, so that is what i’m going to pop in here.

Mix it all together and then we’re going to pop it on a sheet pan and get started on the chicken
Alright, i already pre-mixed the peppers and the onions together with the seasoning i’m using the same bowl easy cleanup for the chicken and then I’m going to mix all of that together with the fajita the ranch and the olive oil and we’re going to pop that into the oven as well together on the same pan.   

Super easy sheet pan dinner love it.

If you already have pre-made seasonings, if you don’t want to use packaged cheesy, means you know the season how it what works for our family.
All right, so I added everything as I did to the vegetables for the chicken. 

I know raw chicken’s not cute but now I’m just going to take some lime juice and I’m just going to squeeze that to add a lot of nice fun sprite citrus, this is what Stephanie suggested doing and it sounds great that’s the only thing that I’ve changed between the veggies and the chicken.
 Guys this was so yummy and i know this is kind of more of like a summery type of vibe meal but this is so inexpensive and such an easy fast dinner meal really really quick weeknight dinner. 

I highly recommend, trying it out if you haven’t tried that already.
So good, I want to make it again I just had it with a little bit of cheese and then some avocado chopped up on top, and guys I’m telling you, you have to do it.
So yummy everyone else loved it as well delicious.

                        Next on Easy Chicken Dinner

 We’re going to move on to the ritz chicken recipe and I’m going to make the roasted potatoes.

I just chopped up some why I was going to say baby Bella yellow golden potatoes powder, them dry. Then we’re going to add in some olive oil and i’m going to also go ahead add plenty of other seasonings:-

I use lots of garlic powder as per usual and I go ahead and use some pepper and then a little bit of um I believe seasoned salt probably Himalayan salt, I think that’s what my mom has because we were having dinner at my mom’s this night, so I think it was Himalayan sea salt something like that anyway but I seasoned it up really well and then I’m going to go ahead and add in ranch dressing I know I keep using ranch but we’re American we’re southern that’s what we do. 

 So we’re going to flavor these potatoes with ranch so good really yummy it came out super crispy and delicious.  

Then we’re going to move on to the chicken recipe so this is a rich chicken recipe but this time it’s with cheddar added. So you need two full sleeves of ritz crackers, three cups of shredded cheddar cheese and then you will also need one cup of just regular milk.

Let me just say that we are going to try this with really thick shredded cheddar, we hand-shredded it but you definitely need it to be a bitfiner, it needs to be almost like the ritz consistency. 

So Sam&Joy would recommend it going in a food processor or food chopper or really grating it really super fine it just makes it taste better. (Easy Chicken Dinner)

 We made it a second time and it works better that way.

Next, you’re going to dredge the chicken in the milk, dredge it in the cheddar, and then you see it’s just a little bit too coarse, so you definitely need it to be a bit finer but it still totally worked it still is delicious.

Then you’re going to find and finish it off in the ritz crackers topping and then you pop it um on a baking sheet or in this case my mom used her copper chef pan and then she just topped it with a little bit more of the seasoning. 

 Of the wrists just make a little extra crunchy, little extra delicious and these were super easy i have tried the ritz chicken recipe but this one was so good um i loved the cheese it got that kind of caramelized and crispy. 

 It was really really good you’re gonna see it here at the end but here are the potatoes that came out delicious highly recommend that recipe as well if you’ve never tried ranch on your potatoes, you’re missing out, and here’s how the chicken turned out 
Guys so good kids loved it, I loved it everyone loved it. 

 I believe you can be making one of these Fast easy dinners for you guys or a loved one at home.
Bye for now see you in the next article. Love You All.


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