Apples new, colorful iMacs are personality tests for your soul

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Choosing a color for your new 24-inch iMac is no simple task. It requires a lot of thought and self reflection — these things need to match your home, your iPhone, your outfits, and your soul. 

If you’re feeling lost as to which one is more your forever mood (and how could you not with seven bold colors?), allow us to help. We’ve put together a short guide to all the different personality types that match each iMac color. Now, you can feel a lot better about your place in society and dropping over $1,300 on one of Apple’s vibrant machines. 

Yellow iMac

You’re the type who wakes up and manages to check off going for a one-mile run, folding laundry, and clearing your inbox to zero all before sunrise. You think being a “morning person” is something to brag about and you definitely mention it in your Bumble bio. On weekends, you enjoy finding inspirational quotes on Pinterest boards like “Dream Big, Work Hard” to print out using your label maker. (Yes, there are labels in your cupboards.)


Yellow isn’t for the night owls.

Image: Mashable composite; Apple

In the evenings, you can regularly be found sipping Barefoot Pinot Grigio out of a wine glass emblazoned with the words “Live, Laugh, Love” as you lazily browse Zillow on your phone and imagine yourself starring in one of those HGTV shows. Oh, and you’ve probably got Taylor Swift’s Fearless album blasting in the background (yes, we know, she’s gonna re-record everything and stick it to Scooter Braun).

Orange iMac

There are two types of orange fans out there:

There are the real Elle Woods stans who know this orange iMac is only acceptable because it’s the closest they’ll get to her iconic iBook in Legally Blonde

When asked how you managed to choose this color out of so many options, your natural response is: “What? Like it’s hard?” 

Bend and snap, baby!


Will the real Elle Woods stans please stand up?

Image: Mashable composite; Apple

If, for some ungodly reason, you’re the other kind of orange lover who just…likes orange, then it’s clear you have no taste. Orange is obnoxious but maybe you’re okay with that? (We don’t judge.) It matches absolutely nothing in your living space and is only ever appropriate in the fall (and even then it’s questionable). 

As Elle Woods put it best:
“Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.”

Green iMac

Green — the “daring” color option for bros who are comfortable in their own skin and like to remind you of it.

If you could, you’d use the green iMac in the middle of the woods even though you’d have zero electricity or WiFi access because…vibes, man. 


Is that a Nalgene bottle I see in your hand?

Image: Mashable composite; Apple

You can’t go a full 15 minutes without mentioning either veganism, cold brew coffee, or Elon Musk, and you love to scarf down Impossible Burgers because you feel like you’re saving the planet with every bite. 

Oh, and though you have a tendency to rant about Amazon taking over everything, you still shop exclusively at Whole Foods for the Prime member discounts.

Pink iMac

If the pink iMac were a human, it would have very strong opinions about James Charles, Jeffree Star, and the rest of the beauty YouTuber gang. It would also most definitely make a very public showing of leaving (and then rejoining) Twitter to get away from the haters. 


We all know you love to keep track of your like-to-minute ratio.

Image: Mashable composite; Apple

Those who opt for this bubbly-looking machine are the ones who know all the words to Addison Rae’s Obsessed, binge Trisha Paytas’ mukbang vlogs, and get real-time updates on the David Dobrik saga. Their IG grid also consists strictly of thirst traps captioned with sayings like:
“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Purple iMac

Okay, kween. Tell me you think you’re royalty without telling me you think you’re royalty. 


We get it, you’re zen.

Image: mashable composite; apple

When you choose the purple iMac, here’s what we know for sure: 

You obsessively use the Headspace app and have somehow made meditation into a competitive sport. You’re always carrying that rose quartz healing crystal you bought from Etsy in your “Rose Apothecary” bag and talking about “staying grounded” in these “trying times.” You unironically enjoy the scent of GOOP’s “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle and you also think this iMac matches your aura perfectly. 

Blue iMac

You’re not a regular mom, you’re a “cool” mom. 


You love to brag about all those DMB shows you attended in college.

Image: Mashable composite; Apple

You carpool your kids and all their friends to soccer in a Toyota Highlander (because it’s the new minivan), proudly attend school bake sales with cupcakes from Trader Joe’s in hand, and watch Bravo with a glass or three of Skinnygirl Margarita. And instead of paying attention during those dreaded Zoom PTA meetings, you’re scrolling through Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter and liking all her tweets because you thrive on safe social media drama. 

Is that a Dave Matthews Band album we hear in the background?

Silver iMac

This iMac sits on your very neat, very clean desk right next to the HomePod mini (that reads off your Apple calendar every morning) and the latest iPad Pro (that’s only used to display the stock market ticker in real time). You’re confident Jony Ive would approve of your minimalist setup because you find comfort in the term “Basic AF.” You probably own a plain grey sweatshirt that says as much.


Yes, Jony Ive approves of your decision.

Image: Mashable composite; Apple

When you’re not answering boring emails with gems like “Will circle back,” you’re bike riding through the Canadian Mountains or French Countryside on your Peloton to warm up for a cycling class with Cody Rigsby. At the end of each night, you wind down by watching DVR’d episodes of The Masked Singer, even though it always becomes background noise to your continuing Candy Crush addiction. 

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